Friday, May 01, 2009

A busy day

This will be a short blog, full of typos, because I'm in Frisco at Jamie's house. I came for Maddie's tenth b'day, only to learn that Maddie woke with strep throat this morning. But the day started earlier with a wonderful, exciting meeting with an author (I promised Marcia I'd say that but it was true--she brought her sister Sandy and we all laughed as much as we did work--some of the topics don't bear repeating here, but a good time was had by all.) We went to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch and lingered long and, I'm afraid, loudly. Marcia has truly been an easy and pleasant author to work with, and although I've known her distantly to for years, I have really enjoyed getting to know her so much better over the last year and a half. 
I rode to Dallas with Marcia and Sandy and they delivered me to Jamie's office at the Trade Center in Dallas. So now I've had a nice evening with the Frisco Alters, including Maddie who is already feeling better.
Tomorrow I'll try to blog about an unusual book I've just read and enjoyed. It's given me new thoughts about small press publishing.

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