Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow! What a day!

I started the day with an 8 appt. for cleaning--only cleaning, nothng more. But I've had some traumatic dental appointments in the last six months, and even the idea freaked me out--and called forth my anxiety. I could barely make it down my own driveway, though I did so by devious routes. The receptionist in the dental office is one of the sweetest persons I've ever met, so when I got there I called and asked her to come out and walk me in. She did, and walked me out, and said she'd be glad to do it anytime. I spooked myself--and I think the staff--by taking a colossal pratfall there several months ago. But it was after a very long session (three hours?) of mostly drilling, and both the dental staff and my own doctor told me it was not unusual to be unsteady and disoriented by such a prolonged time in the dental chair. But still the incident has spooked me, so now I'm leery of going in and out of the office. That, my friends, is how phobias develop!
When I got back to the office, we had staff meeting at which I garnered a whole lot more chores and then we went to the monthly book luncheon sponsored by Human Resources. This time, I was the star and the program was about my cookbook/memoir. Shari, a good friend from HR, decided that we would do a demonstration, so we made Colin's queso and finally passed out samples for everyone. The lunch dishes were from my book--Doris' casserole, a green salad (not from the book), and bundt cake, although they used white cake mix instead of the chocolate I usually use. But everyone liked it, especially the casserole. Shari asked me questions, and then the audience did--44 women and 1 man, larger group than usual--and it was fun answering them. Shari announced afterward that I am comedic, but I told her it was only because I had her to play off of. But everyone did laugh a lot, and it was lots of fun. And I sold 19 books--not bad at all.
After all that I came home and took a long and good nap. But I had used up so many many Weight Watchers points that I couldn't think what I wanted for dinner--and Jacob was coming to spend the night. So I made myseslf creamed tuna, and served him a tiny bit of it, half an avocado, some spinach rotelle, cheese, and cottage cheese. He arrived crying, glued on the TV, finally came to the dinner table but was obviously unhappy about the DVD--kept saying "I want out." So I changed the DVD. He ate a bit of cottage cheese and that was it. Later in the evening he did brighten enough to play "Where's Jacob?" and then put his froggie over my face and we played "Where's Juju." I finally got him to bed and got a sweet good-night kiss but he insisted on leaving the light on so I have to sneak in and see if he's asleep so I can turn it off.
The Fort Worth ISD has closed all its schools from tomorrow until May 11. Since Jacob's pre-school follows the ISD I'm not sure what will happen. And I'm not sure what to think about this swine flu epidemic and/or scare.
Yes, folks, I'm ready for bed myself. A nice but tiring day.

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