Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. Mine was long, lazy and pleasant. Jordan said we were all going to Joe T.'s but then Jacob got sick and plans changed. Everyone went to Jordan's house and Christian's father brought food from Joe T.'s but it was 6:45 before we ate. Christian didn't get home until about that time, but Mother's Day is always busy at Joe T's where he waits tables on weekends. For those not from Fort Worth who don't know it's sort of the classic Tex-Mex restaurant in town, best known for a huge sprawling and beautiful patio/garden dining area. There is a menu at Sunday brunch but otherwise your choices are two: fajitas or "the dinner" which consists of nachos, rice, two small tacos, two cheese enchiladas, guacamole and refried beans--definitely not on my diet. Now I have to sign on to Weight Watchers and see how much damage I did.
Otherwise I spent the day piddling, doing this odd chore and that, reading and napping. Heard from all the kids though never did talk to Jamie and family. On this day, my thoughts are with a good friend who lost her mother yesterday, a neighbor whose husband died Thursday, and four women I know little or nothing about--the biological mothers of my children. I wonder what their thoughts are and wish I could tell them what wonderful people those babies have grown to be. Giving up a child can never be easy, but I am sure each made that decision for the best of the baby and I want them to know it was a really good decision. I have wonderful children.

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