Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another party day

Tonight we had a porch party to eat the leftover chip and dip from last night. Jay and Susan came from next door, and Jordan, her friend Addie, and Jacob were here. We had a delightful time but about eight I realized I couldn't do two nights in a row of nothing but appetizers, so 15 or 20 minutes later I sent Jay and Susan on their way to Chadra and fixed us sirloin patties while Jordan fixed a salad. Jacob had spent the entire evening on the wet end of the porch looking for rolypolys and collecting them. Jordan and Addie and eventually Jay even went down into the garden to search for them and by the end of the evening Addie, who claims she can't stand bugs, was quite casual about rolypolys. A good time was had by all, but by the time we ate I was too hungry and tired to make the red wine/goat cheese sauce I had planned so it was a pretty plain meal. And Jordan couldn't make her Greek salad because she forgot the feta but she said we'd have it tomorrow night, so I guess I'm cooking again. I'll try in the morning to make a champagne/mushroom gravy recipe I've been saving for a long time (substituting white wine) and serve it with chicken and the Greek salad.
And that really was my day other than playing with Jacob a lot this morning. He woke up about eight (very late for him) in really good spirits, asking for a waffle for breakfast, and then wanting me to sit next to him wherever he decided to light. We had long conversations, most of which I understood. Then I went to Central Market, ate lunch, read, and took a long nap. Nice kind of day. Nope, no deep thoughts today.

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