Monday, May 11, 2009

Weight Watchers and other funny stories

Bummer! When I weighed at the office this morning I had gained, not lost--2 lbs. Jeannie insists I need a scale at home so I can weigh wearing the same thing at the same time once a week. So today she found one--coincidentally a Weight Watchers brand--at Costco and got it for me. It's the sleekest looking thing you ever saw--the plate where you step is glass. But by late afternoon it still showed a gain of a lb. and a half. I am not going to take this seriously until I start weighing on a regular schedule, first thing in the morning, wearng just my T-shirt and pants, and that's not until next Monday. Meantime I did look back at last week, and I almost never stayed on my daily point allowance. Today I've done better--even have 2 pts. left--and managed to have a small piece of chocolate in there. So all in all I've lost 3 lbs. in three weeks. Not as good a record as last week, but . . . .
My neighbor, Sue, had a riotous Mother's Day--had to take the cat to the vet because she'd been in a fight, then had to call the other neighbors, Jay and Susan, to help her get the pain medication into the cat, which resulted in blood all over Sue's son's room. She finally got it all cleaned up, got the kids to bed--they slept with her because the cat was meowing and the dog was barking, and in the middle of the night she heard footsteps in her hall. When she looked (which I might not even have done) she saw a huge Saint Bernard. Her back door hadn't been securely shut and had blown open--she escorted the dog outside and went back to bed but couldn't sleep. We're teasing her about dreams (I had one once in which the stuffed cheetah in my living room, named Clifford, was walking around), and Susan emailed that she thinks we're all crazy. Maybe so.
I'm back to work on the novel, because I have this new idea I want to get to. Last night I started re-reading a book, and, I say this without any modesty, I'd forgotten how good it is--it's my fictional biography of Libbie Custer, told in the first person, and I'd forgotten her voice. I think that depth of voice, that introspection, is what's missing in my mysteries--but then, are cozies introspective? I'm just plugging ahead.

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