Saturday, May 30, 2009

Diets and other things

This is Jacob, hard at work in my study, one of his favorite places to be. He knows where "his" paper is (old copy only blank on one side--sometimes he draws on the printed side, makes no matter to him), though he often tries to take my good pens. He wants a Spiderman pen and I'll have to work on that.
As usual I went overboard in the produce department at Central Market, but when Linda from Granbury called to say her husband is in the hospital close to my house and could she drop by, I realized I'd bought all single servings--except one medium large baked potato to share with Jacob tonight (no butter, nonfat yogurt instead of sour cream). All those single servings for healthy, low-point meals. If Linda can leave Rodger, she'll bring her half sandwich left from lunch. I'll assure her that by tomorrow night I can cook her a much better meal if he's still there--and I think he will be.

A diet lunch today was so good I could do this all the time--tuna salad (ok, that counts some points), grape tomatoes (which I can eat like other people eat popcorn), hearts of palm (pricey but I've started splurging on them since I started the diet), and fresh raspberries--all zero points (if you don't eat too much!). I keep ruining by point total by drinking a little wine at lunch and a little more in the evening. Tonight though I had a fine meal and made it under my point limit for the day--a half a baked potato with nonfat yogurt (delicious) and plain cooked broccoli. Jacob was apparently too shy around Linda--didn't eat, except for one bit of broccoli. I'm going to give him his strawberries and blueberries for breakfast and send his half of the potato and broccoli home for his lunch. Other than that, he was charming. When he arrived we sat on the porch and looked for rolypolys again--well, he did. When I declined, he decided it was time to go in. Then of course he came alive about 8:30 tonight when 9:00 is bedtime. I can hear him on the monitor, playing with his toys.
I've had a good day, distracted by reading yet another mystery, Cleo Coyle's Latte Trouble. Not much to do with food but more than I need to know about espresso and likeable characters and a good plot. Work on my own writing? Nope, didn't do any!

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