Friday, May 15, 2009


I woke up happy this morning, hurried through my routine to leave the house at 7:29 and sailed into and through the grocery store (a painful process last week since I've been having lots of "I can't walk from here to there" spells) and went into the office to announce boldly that I could walk again. Got a lot of work done, but when I left to go home, I couldn't make it across the concrete porch or entryway or whatever. Went back and got Melinda, who cheerfully walked me to the railing; after that I was fine. She pointed out that I start out the day in fine shape and fall about in mid-day, and I confessed that I had started to feel uneasy about 11 a.m. "Low blood sugar," she suggested. Made sense to me, and I may call the doctor Monday to ask about it. Meantime, when I get home, have lunch and a glass of wine, I'm fine.
There are some heavy things going on in my life that I'm not free to blog about that might be heightening my anxiety, but then again, I thought Melinda had a point. And the new recurrence sort of corresponds with my beginning of the Weight Watchers program. They say you should always consult your doctor before beginning a diet (especially at my age) and I hadn't done that, thinking Weight Watchers was nothing but good sense. And aside from yesterday's lapse, I'm doing a good job of staying within my allocated points, even with some wine. Tonight I had smoked salmon, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, steamed squash, cherry tomatoes, and--oh my goodness--raspberries. They're my splurge, but they are sooo good.
And I'm into the final stretch of the mystery, writing the "climactic" scene tonight--not quite through with it, but I'd written 1200 words and decided that was enough taxation on my brain for one night. Fred told me yesterday that from what he's read he thinks it's coming along well. Wish I'd hear from the publisher who has the first one.
Tomorrow I get Jacob from noon Saturday until noon Sunday--the longest stretch I've ever kept him. I know John and Cindy keep their granddaughter, Emery, for days and even a week or so at a time, but I plead there are two of them and one of me (and John admits Cindy does all the work). And Jacob is much more energetic than Emery! Last week he was a whirling dervish. For support, I've invited the neighbors--Jay and Susan, Sue and her kids--for dinner, and Sue is going to bring the beau she's been reluctant to introduce to us. Jay will grill hot dogs and bring potato salad and a fruit salsa, Sue will bring tossed spinach salad and cookies, and I'll provide hot dogs, buns, condiments, and baked beans, plus chips and a more traditional salsa. Once I had a recipe for a great and easy salsa that was I think made from tomato sauce and tomato sauce Imperial plus garlic powder and jalopeno juice--I can now find neither the recipe nor the tomato sauce Imperial. I hope it's a porch night, though it's hard to control Jacob on the porch. If it rains--predicted--we can grill hot dogs on my indoor Jenn-Air. Should be fun.
Sunday Jordan will come about eleven to get her baby and we'll have lunch.

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