Saturday, May 16, 2009

A nice rainy day and a companionable evening

This morning it was raining, but it was such a gentle, slow rain that you couldn't help but enjoy. I put on a hooded sweatshirt and went off to Central Market. Jacob arrived about noon, sleep and grumpy, for his 24-hour stay. I told him we were having a party that night, and he said, "No!" His father said he needed a nap and would be grumpy until them. But I gave him a sippee cup of milk (the child still wants it warmed!) and pretty soon he announced he wanted "dinner." So I produced a pbj sandwich, of which he ate about half. It was 1:30 before he went down for a nap, and I followed him soon after. I slept a good two hours, but he slept three-and-a-half and woke up grumpy again.
When my neighbors arrived for supper Jacob clung to me like his only anchor in the world. It took him over an hour to loosen up but then he began to play and chase and run with both adults and Sue's kids--Hunter, nine, and Alex, 13, both of whom were very sweet and good with him. Since Jay was going to grill, I sent everyone out to the porch with drinks and chips and salsa; came back in to get something and feed the cat, and they all came trooping back in, announcing it was too cold to eat on the porch. Who can imagine in the middle of May? We had a great dinner--hot dogs, potato salad (courtesy of Jay), Caesar salad (courtesy of Sue), baked beans (courtesy of Bush's beans), etc., with the chips and salsa beforehand. I found a jar of green salsa with jalopenos in my cupboard that was way too hot for me, but Jay brought a delicious avocado/honeydew salsa that was delightful. We had 97% fat free Hebrew National hot dogs--who knew they made a fat free product?--and chicken and turkey dogs. I have a lot of hot dogs in my freezer, but they were good. I ate two of the fat free beef ones (without buns) but have yet to enter my food for the day on the Weight WAtchers point tracker, so I don't know how much damage I did. Sue brought a plate of cookies, and I told Jacob "One cookie!" He came back to say he wanted two. I held firm, fearing he'd be up until midnight. After everyone went home, he said, "Where cookies go?" I thought, after that nap, he might be hard to get to go to sleep, but he went happily, though I can still hear him playing. A thoroughly pleasant evening, and I am blessed to have such good neighbors.
Now I've just got to finish readint that Cynthia Riggs mystery, Deadly Nightshade, that I am sooooo close to finishing.

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