Thursday, May 07, 2009


I swear I don't understand kids. Jacob arrived tonight in a bad mood. His mom said he needed prunes, but I don't have pureed ones so I cut up some dried ones (and ended up eating three myself). Asked if he wanted to stay and keep me company, he said no. He lay on his daybed watching a DVD but turned away each time I came into the room. I fixed him what I thought was a good healthy meal (Weight Watchers thought it was too)--a bit of chopped sirloin patty, steamed carrots, roast broccoflower, and those cut-up prunes. After I finally lured him to the table, he was upset that there was a fly buzzing around his food--well, no one likes that, but hey, we live in Texas and bugs are a part of life. Then he announced the food was yucky. All in all he ate two bites of the beef.
But he began to liven up, and we did a mighty work in sorting out felt tip coloring pens that were broken--though I'm not sure I have much faith in his criteria. But I threw a lot away. And then he got playful and lively and silly and we had a good time. And when he left he gave me a sweet kiss and hug and then said, "I love you, Juju," something he's just learned to say. Be still my heart!
The roasted broccoflower was an experiment but a good one. You cut it into flowerets, not too big, put in a roasting pan, sprinkled with olive oil, lemon and salt, and roast for 15 minutes. The directions said 500 degree oven, but I always think mine is too hot--I've over-roasted Brussel sprouts--so I did it at 450. And the result was really good. The carrots, with just salt, were good too, though I would have loved a pat of butter--but, hey, I came in under my Weight Watchers point limit for the day, so I'm feeling proud.

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