Sunday, May 17, 2009

A S unday brag

I just have to brag: my son Jamie completed his first Ironman Triathlon--a swim (1.2 miles), a bike ride (56 miles,) and a half-marathon (13 miles), all longer than the sprint and mid-triathlons he's been doing. Jamie did it in 5 hours 29 minutes and looked great in pictures Mel took at his finish. I forget the times of the winners but they were professional athletes. I am very proud of Jaim and just a bit relieved he came through in such good shape. Thanks to Mel for posting on Facebook at the end of the race. The race was--oh, surprise!--at DisneyWorld in Orlando, so they'll stay the rest of the week to let the girls "do" DisneyWorld (and the adults too). They took Maddie when she was three and a half (and Edie was something like six months) so in a sense this is Edie's trip--and Jamie's.
Meantime I was running a race of my own this morning with Jacob, who woke up early and wet. I got going slowly to a chorus of "I want" and decided we must teach the child to say "Please may I have . . . ." The other thing I'm trying to teach him is that if he wants me he should come find me and not stand in he playroom and shout, "Juju!" over and over. Finally once when he said "I want to sit here on your lap and watch TV," I countered with, "Well, I want to go put the clothes in the dryer," and he said, "Oh, okay." I wish someone had been here to take a picture of me at my desk with Jacob on my lap and the cat in my face on the desk, each of them glaring at the other out of jealousy. Jacob firmly believes cats should not be on desks or tables, but I can't convince Wywy at this age. Jordan came for an early lunch, they went home, and I piddled--re-organized the front porch, emptied trash, put fresh linen on my bed and Jacob's bed, etc. and finally took a nap. Had no-point veggies for supper so I'm going to treat myself to a small piece of chocolate, sit on the porch for a bit (may be a bit cool again) and then come in and write. Life is good.

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