Thursday, May 21, 2009

Salsa, friends and a good day

Years ago one of Megan's friends gave me the simplest salsa recipe ever--but I lost it and she doesn't seem to even remember it. It involved some kind of Tomatoes Especial (Hunts, I think) which I can't find anymore. But today I forgot to get salsa for Jordan's girls party tomorrow night, found a basic recipe in Southern Living, and realized I had everything but the jalopenos in my cupboard. So I threw it all in the blender, substituted a can of green chillies for the jalopenos, and added three tablespoons of the juice from pickled jalopenos (I remember that from the earlier recipe). Then I was leery of tasting it, so I'll let Jordan do that tomorrow. If she says it's awful, I'll throw it out and really all I've lost is a couple of cans of diced tomatoes and a can of green chillies. But now I realize I also forgot to get more chips. I'm going to CVS first thing in the morning and since they now carry lots of groceries, I'll hope they have them.
Had dinner with my good friends, Elizabeth and Weldon, tonight--we ate at an upscale bistro and Elizabeth and I splurged on wasabi-crusted scallops. They are both Weight Watchers veterans (Weldon is still doing it) and they were amazed that I only get 19 points a day--that's not much, as those of you who know the system realize. So I've decided to give it up for now. This is a time of tension for me--more about that in a couple of weeks--but I learned long ago that you have to be perfectly right with your world to diet and not have it affect you badly. To this point, it has changed my way of thinking about eating, but I'm not going to be slavish about 19 points. In fact, I just had a piece of chocolate.
New idea: I am fascinated by food writing--not cookbooks, but writing about food. I saw somewhere today a notice of a book about what we eat when we're alone. I know lots of women who don't eat or eat cereal or a pbj or something, and I almost always cook for myself and plan a meal. I think it would be fun to review the book, so I'd like to start a blog reviewing food writing. Have to think about putting that into play.
Meantime I am shameless abut promoting Cooking My Way Through Life--I know the owner and night chef at the bistro where we ate tonight. When she, the chef, came to the table to visit I told her about the book and shamelessly gave her a card. Then Elizabeth wanted several to pass out to friends. I'm learning to be a promoter.

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