Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have become obsessed with point counting on what I eat. I am absolutely boring to eat with because I'm always wondering about how many points something is. Tonight Betty and I split a wonderful tapas platter--dates wrapped in bacon, lobster salad on corn chips, small pieces of lamb on toast with cucumber/yogurt sauce, fried artichokes, and potato galette. I didn't eat the chips or bread and passed on the potato galette or whatever its called. When I came home and figured it all out, the whole meal was only 4.5 points. But I had a half a tongue sandwich for lunch, so I went just a bit over my points for the day. I told Jeannie the other day she and Jean should be laughing at me--for years I listened to them talk about yoga and thought, "Not for me." Now I'm a devotee. Then when they joined Weight Watchers a few months ago, I scoffed--oh, not aloud to them, but to myself. And now here I am obsessed by it. I think what made the difference was that I discovered I could do it online. Some people need the support of a group, but I don't. Just like I do my yoga and bike riding faithfully, I enter my daily points and really watch it.
I am writing just a bit--trying for a thousand words a night, but--on the mystery. At this point, I"m just putting words on paper, trying to get the story down. Then I'll revise.

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