Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weaather and shopping with grandkids

It's supposedly stormy in Fort Worth this morning, which makes me worry about my poor Scooby who's so terrified. It always seems to storm when I leave town. In Frisco yesterday we were shopping when it began to pour, followed by thunder and lightning that was spectacular ad close.It was still doing it last night when I went to sleep.
I am not a shopper but shopping with the girls yesterday was fun. I had given Maddie what I thought was a generous gift certificate for Justice, a girls' clothing store I'd never heard of. So off we went, and she picked out six tops. Of course she didn't have nearly enough credit and I was torn between offering to cover the balance and realizing this was a good lesson in reality for her (the attitude both her parents took). So she ended up with one top, earrings, and cut-off jeans. All of this, however, took a loooooong time. Next stop Target, where she had a smaller certificate and bought a metal detector--she plans to pan for gold when we go to Colorado at Christmas but meantime she had fun with it in the house--Jamie hid metal items under throw rugs for her to find. At Target Jamie decided we should decide what was for dinner (Mel had gone on a separate errand) so we spent a lot of time on that because he didn't know what he wanted--finally he made a sort of inside out cordon bleu, steamed squash (delicious and the girls love it) and a big salad. While we were in Target (another loooong time) it really stormed, and when we came out the sirens were blaring.
Somehow I made it just to my allotted 19 points on Weight Watchers in spite of  the sinfully large and delicious corned beef hash (homemade) that I ordered at a local cafe for lunch.
Last night was "movie night," so we watched "The Bride Wars" which was okay--Jamie and Mel laughed harder than the girls and it was eleven before I crawled into bed and finally finished the book I was reading. I still want to write about it but I want to talk to the author first. Meanwwhile Jamie left for a run/ride at seven, Edie and I both got up a little after eight but shes's used to being the first one up, so I caught up on my computer. 
Funny lines from my granddaughters:
When the Target clerk asked Jamie for i.d. so he could buy wine, I laughed that they've even asked me. Maddie assured me  I looked over twenty-one, and I told her what she must say is that I don't look 70 After swearing that I don't, she asked "Would you take 58?" I said definitely, so she said "How about 62?" I told her 58 was better.
Earlier Edie had asked me if I knew a long list of people, like her other grandparents, which of course I do. She ended by asking "Do you know God?" I told her in my heart I do.

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