Monday, May 04, 2009

Home again

Much as I enjoy visiting my children and granchildren, I am always glad to be home again. The girls in Frisco had no school today, so they went with Jamie to take me to the train, and Maddie raced along next to the train as long as she could to wave goodbye. Then they were off for a b'day lunch at a place of her choosing, and later I learned that Jamie, who planned to take them to his office and work, ended up at the Dallas Aquairum with them. Last night we had a b'day dinner for Maddie--leftovers that were very good, but a yellow cake with cream cheese frosting, candles and the whole works. It was, her mom said, her intimate b'day party. Next week is the big shindig.
In spite of b'day cake (1/8 piece) and my disastrous encounters with corned beef hash and a hash brown potato cake, I lost 2.5 lbs. this week, so that makes 4.5 lbs. since I strted Weight Watchers. I am very proud of myself. Today I ate well, except pimiento cheese, even 2 Tbsp. to fill a half sandwich, is a bit heavy in points and so is a lamb chop. I'll need to go back to chicken and fish.
Riding the train from Dallas to FW was difficult for me--I had panic attacks about open space, though in Dallas Jamie made me laugh about them. But in Fort Worth, I steeled myself and worked my way (with suitcase, canvas bag and purse) from tree to tree until I was at the head of the parking lot. Jeannie, meanwhile, had gone over to the train, couldn't find me, went back to her car, and saw me--so she rescued me, by which time I was having one of my can't step from here to there attacks. She gave me a long lecture in the car about changing my lifestyle and how she and Jean were worried about me.
My good friend Jean has had major surgery last week--for a long while she didn't want anyone to talk about it and she still doesn't want visitors. But she's doing very well, still not on even a soft diet, but walking the halls and sounding chipper on the phone. So tonight, on the phone, when I called out of concern for her, she ended up giving me the same lecture Jeannie had. It's so wonderful to have good friends--and I am blessed.
Jean said I sounded much better tonight and I said, "Of course. I'm home and safe." Moksha, the petsitter, said my animals missed me, so now I must go let Scooby in. Wywy has sat on my desk all afternoon. I think he's telling me he's glad I'm back too.

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