Thursday, April 21, 2016

Whirlwind days

This afternoon I woke up from a lovely peaceful nap, with Sophie at my feet, to find Jacob’s friend Hayes in the dining room doing homework, Jacob and his tutor in the sunroom with their math, and Jordan flitting about doing all the chores I should have down. After an hour, when they were all gone, I felt like a whirlwind had left my house. But within maybe two hours Jacob was back and hungry, and an hour later his parents arrived and we sat and talked about—I don’t know what. I am so glad my life is never dull. It will keep me from getting old.

And when I woke this morning I thought life was dull. Soggy dull morning, and I had no get up and go. Had to make myself go shopping, though Amy, my traveling companion/caretaker, kept assuring me the sun was coming out and sure enough by the time we left the second grocery store it was out and bright. But two grocery stores make my hip ache and I am limping around tonight, although in a better frame of mind.

I was inspired today by the Queen’s birthday (do we need to specify what queen?). Ninety years old and look at her dignity and good spirits…and her long and apparently loving marriage. I know there are rumors of awful family rifts and conflicts in the royal household, but they sure manage to keep them under wraps, unlike some of our American leaders, and I cannot help but admire her. She rules with an iron fist in a velvet glove. As I limp along in my late seventies, I think I want to be like her at ninety.  I may not ride horseback as she does, but I have to do my yoga more. And today the day has gotten away from me and I won’t do it again. Tomorrow for sure.

I know the British monarchy is sort of an outmoded idea, but I love it and hope it goes on forever. Will and Kate are the hope of the future for maintaining the dignity of all that Britain stands for, and I value that, especially since some of our presidential candidates have by degrees lost all sense of dignity. I love the pomp and circumstance, just as I love the traditional Protestant church service.

Long live the Queen!


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