Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Some days don't start out so well...

 This morning, halfway to the dentist’s office, I realized two things: they hadn’t called me to remind me of the appointment, so did I really have one this morning? And, I only had a hearing aid in one ear, the result of talking to my younger son on the phone. I arrived at 9:40 only to be told that my appointment was at 9:10 and did I want to wait until 11:30 when she could take me? No, I didn’t. So I drove home, called and rescheduled., double-checking the time.

It wasn’t a bad start to a bad day. The rest of the day went fairly well, and ended more than nicely with two friends at a new café. I had been there once before and found it too noisy but today was so balmy—84 or so—that we could eat outside. The restaurant was semi-empty inside and fairly quiet; outside almost every table was taken, and it was noisy.

But the patio is by a green expanse and, beyond that, the river with a walking path. We watched children playing, families walking by with strollers and dogs, even two people on horseback. It was a bit breezy but really nice being outside for a pretty sunset and lovely fresh air. I had a swordfish sandwich—delicious, but I brought half of it home—and potato chips, which I never eat but these had such a good dipping sauce. My companions had chicken salad and steak salad-the latter a salad with a good solid chunk of steak next to it, apparently cooked just the way she wanted it. Our other companion  licked his bowl clean so I guess the chicken salad was a hit. I was a bit tempted by the blue cheese in it.  These days I’m always leery of salads in trendy restaurants—I don’t like kale, but there was no kale in either of their salads. But delicious tangy watercress—and in my sandwich too. Lovely dinner, and lovely evening.

All’s well that ends well.

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