Saturday, April 09, 2016

Nothing extraordinary, nothing catastrophic

 Just an ordinary day. I didn’t blog last night because I was worn out and had little to say. Up early to meet Greg, who tends my garden—he moved indoor plants outdoors and watered everything well. I’ve been remiss. Now forbidden to climb on even small stools, I can’t reach the second shelf of my greenhouse windows and though Jordan has done her best, the plants have suffered—I think the lavender is beyond recall.

Then contractors Lewis and Jim appeared and disappeared—Greg looked all over the property for them. Turns out they were behind the cottage looking for survey stakes, which they found. The three had a pow-wow about what would be torn up in the back yard for remodeling.

Went to two grocery stores. Now that’s enough to wear a woman out! And last night went to a lovely gathering of friends at the nearby Wine Haus to celebrate Jaimie Smith’s promotion to director of curriculum for the Birdville School District. Jordan’s out of town, but Christian escorted me and Jacob, who had been to a TCU tennis game, joined us later. Delightful evening on the patio-and I discovered a new favorite—eggplant and goat cheese pizza (and I’m not a pizza eater!).

Today I had a delightful visitor—Kenneth Jones who had grown up in this house. We walked through the house and he told me how things used to be, including a pass-through where the milkman left milk and butter. Then we sat and visited, and he told me about the people who lived in the neighborhood, some of whom I knew. Really fun, and I will write it up for the neighborhood newsletter, which I just happen to edit.

Tonight my friend Mary V. came for supper, and I fixed mushroom stroganoff—really good, but I have enough to feed Coxie’s Army. I cook in brief periods—15-30 minutes does my back in and I have to sit; then I can go back and do more. Same for cleaning up the kitchen. But I am so delighted to be cooking.

So now, once again, I’m tired and headed for bed—chores to do tomorrow like washing clothes. Now what else was I going to do? I’ll think of it.

Sweet dreams, everyone.


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Victor Wadsworth said...

I pulled my Aleo Vera pot out of the garage, looked good for being ignored all Winter long. Planted Common & Purple Sage beside the pot in a rock garden. I had already planted Rosemary nearby. Amaryllis is about to bloom I planted years ago. Always something needed to be done & I do it a little at a time.