Tuesday, April 19, 2016

No profound thoughts tonight

My living room tonight
I’ve been thinking about Bernie and Hillary a lot lately and intended to be profound about that contest—but I just heard a tentative report that she won NY. (As did Trump). My thoughts were going to come out on the side of Hillary, even though so many people hate her—maybe I’ll write about that soon. Meantime, if you come across a Facebook site “Becoming Anti-Bernie,” I’d suggest you read it. https://medium.com/@robinalperstein/on-becoming-anti-bernie-ee87943ae699#.ro9xvspp6

But instead of being profound, I have to confess I pretty much frittered the day away. There are things that were on my to-do list this morning that are still there, and I can’t point to a whole lot I got accomplished—posting some marketing things for The Gilded Cage, answering emails, etc. There were painters here most of the day, and that’s not conducive to concentration. The put plastic down to protect the floors, especially in the dining room where they were patching water leaks in the ceiling, and I was leery about slipping on it. They were most kind about either moving it or taking my hand to help me. But still it was a distraction.

Do want to make sure you all know I’m giving away free copies of The Gilded Cage on Goodreads—you can enter April 23, so don’t dally. Here’s the link: https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/182909-the-gilded-cage

Went to lunch with two special friends at Nonna Tata and had what is probably my favorite lunch—braseola with a vinaigrette potato salad. Several years ago, when I first ordered it the waitress said, “I don’t know. It sure smells funny.” Good marketing. In case you don’t know, braseola is the Italian beef version of prosciutto. It comes dressed with greens, grana cheese, and a light lemon vinaigrette. Delicious light lunch—really an appetizer, but enough for lunch for me (especially if I come home and have some chocolate).

During lunch yesterday and today I kept trying to think of the name for trimming trees or bushes into three tiered, rounded balls. A web search yielded “poodle trees” which I thought apt but not what I was looking for. Tonight out of the blue I thought of the word—topiary. I quickly wrote the three friends I had lunch with yesterday and today, and one wrote back, “Ah, good, now I can sleep.”

Would you believe at 9:45 I was waiting for a nine-year-old to be delivered from a baseball game (they lost)? He’s home now and, I think, off to bed. Will follow him soon.

Tomorrow: a busier day: got to finish that to-do list and rewrite the first 2000 words—did some online research on the actual case in the back of my mind, and I need to rethink things.


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