Friday, April 01, 2016

Hectic day

I sort of miss the day of greased doorknobs and other April Fool’s prank when my kids were little. Jacob didn’t seem to acknowledge the day at all. But I really didn’t need pranks to make it a hectic day.

A stomach problem and my aching left leg interrupted my sleep last night, so I didn’t wake feeling exactly well rested. Then my remote keyboard and mouse just quit dead.  I bought new ones, installed them, and they didn’t’ work; took them back to the store, where they assured me they did work. Came home—they didn’t work. Finally neighbor Jay—yeah, the good-looking one—rebooted the computer, which left me feeling the fool. First thing anyone with Microsoft programming should think of.

Meantime, I got a haircut, ran some errands, sneaked in a nap, entertained at happy hour, and was in the midst of Jordan’s bustle to get ready for the garage sale tomorrow. People will begin arriving before daylight, with flashlights, so she’ll be up early to get things out. She’s spending the night here; Christian is going home to care for the dogs but says he has orders to be here by six a.m. I am going to close my door and sleep on.

I have to watch her. Tonight I found a $1.00 sticker on a wicker/straw/whatever shelf that has always hung over the commode in the cottage. Perfect place for extra tp and Kleenex—and a lot cheaper that having shelves specially built. So I “saved” it.

Bless Christian. Just when I thought I might faint from hunger-or too much wine on an empty stomach—he brought barbecue. So good! I fear it’s going to be a weekend of bad eating.

In spite of all, my world seems to me bac in order. Jordan has gone to a friend’s, and I may be carried back to high-school days of lying awake waiting to hear her come home. Meantime I’m enjoying a quiet house.

Oops. Jordan and Christian just came home. Quiet gone.

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