Friday, April 22, 2016

On becoming a recluse...and cooking for others

I said to a friend tonight that I thought I was increasingly becoming a recluse. He asked if I liked to have people in my home, and I enthusiastically answered yes. Did I like being alone? No, sometimes I get bored. “Then you’re not a recluse,” he intoned.

So my problem is not being a recluse but the anxiety/mobility that makes it difficult for me to leave my house—been there, done that some forty years ago so I know I can overcome it again.
Meanwhile my reclusiveness was interrupted tonight by Subie and Phil, good friends just back from a long trip to Argentina. They called to ask if they could come for wine. Of course they could. Then Jordan and Jacob arrived, followed by Christian with much-needed dog food, and finally David who doesn’t come for visits often enough. David was Jordan’s first boyfriend, is now a close friend of both Christian and Jordan, and in his SuperDave cape takes Jacob to TCU ball games. He’s family around here.

I tried to get Subie and Phil to stay for supper but they wouldn’t, so the five of us ate on the deck. I fixed a super chicken dish I think I found in a NYTimes cooking column: spray a roasting pan with oil of some kind, cover the bottom with onion slices and sliced shallots, put chicken thighs on top. Season with salt and pepper and slide into a hot oven (I did 450 and it still took about an hour and a half). Layer croutons in a serving dish and arrange chicken on top and dump the roasting pan on top of it all. My only complaint--the croutons didn’t become as soggy as I expected. I served it with Christians’ green beans—cook some bacon and retain the grease, drain bacon and crumble. Dump green beans into grease, douse liberally with cider vinegar and, when serving, crumble in the bacon. That and one of Jordan’s good blue cheese salads was dinner. So good.

High old time of visiting and friends. Tomorrow I work. And maybe I won't be a recluse

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