Sunday, April 03, 2016

Lovely quiet weekend

Juju and Jojo at happy hour tonight
I look like an old lady but please bear in mind
no make up, no nothing--it was a lazy day

Absolutely wonderful weekend, in spite of a garage sale. Jordan is, as a friend said, the queen of garage sales. She had almost everything out by six-fifteen Saturday morning when Christian arrived. I slept on until almost 8:30, got up and wandered outside. Not a lot of action, and it was chilly, so I spent most of the day at my desk. They wrapped it up about noon and headed for Goodwill. Then they disappeared, came back about 3:30 and left again. I worked at my desk, napped and got a lot done. Marinated tuna (Totino’s—try it!) and spinach for supper.

Today was much the same, although I made a batch of sloppy Joe in the morning. I’m sure I’ve said this in a blog before, but my recipe is actually one called a wine casserole. I decided tonight I like it better plain than in a sandwich. Every once in a while I get a longing for it. It’s one of the few meat dishes Jacob likes, but tonight, just back from a weekend in Austin with his paternal grandparents, he was too tired to eat.

cartons of damaged books waiting to be sorted
Long discussion at the dinner table about my boxed books. In spite of Blackmon Mooring’s best efforts, they are dry, cover mostly okay, but pages warped. We have to unpack forty-six cartons, look at every book, and inventory them. Right now they are stacked in my dining room. Jordan, who worked so hard to organize them before the hail storm, gets a new attack of frustration every time she looks at them. Christian and I have both agreed to spend evenings sorting. I’ll need to dig out some recipes to cook supper for them on those evenings. I think a good plan for the children’s books is to donate them to the school district and take a tax deduction.

Tomorrow people come to pick up three beds we won’t need, and sometimes this week the floor people start on the floor in the sunroom. We’re making progress. The hail storm sure messed up our grand plan, but I guess it did for a lot of people and I can’t whine.

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