Saturday, April 23, 2016

A staycation day

 In spite of my own protests, I turned into a recluse today and spent the day at home alone—well mostly. Confession: I had such a good time at my own dinner party last night that I overserved myself with white wine (who, me?) and wasn’t feeling particularly well this morning. I think it could be described as shaky with a headache. Finally had a banana and a cup of tea and began to feel better.

The restoration company returned my couch today—it’s a sectional with more pieces than you care to count. And it goes together in a weird way—when it first arrived, six months or so ago, it took us weeks to unbox, unwrap, and assemble. And we might never have gotten it done if Jamie hadn’t come over—he has a Lovesac and knows how they go together. Today, watching the three men try to puzzle it out provided an hour’s entertainment. I could offer an occasional hint, and after many tries—and taking it apart and starting over again, they got it done. I cheered for them, and they thanked me for my patience.

Jordan warned me to inspect every piece—I didn’t quite do that, but I did find two pieces with stains still on them. The company will send someone to spot-clean Monday. So just to be sure I suggested she come by and examine the couch—I didn’t want to be accused of missing something obvious. She didn’t find much more except for some light water stains. The room is beginning to return to normal—I now have a long (empty) bookcase, a table and chairs, and a couch, plus a working TV if we can find the remotes. And the new paint and floor look wonderful.

Jacob is here tonight—he played all afternoon with the sons of friends, and I didn’t realize he wanted to spend the night and was invited. So I suggested they have him here by eight, and he came in unhappy about not spending the night. A grandmother’s dilemma—I should have let him stay, though Jordan had not mentioned it, but I sure am glad to have his company. He soon brightened, talking about all the Rubic’s cubes he has and is going to get. I swear when he’s sixty, he may have a valuable collection—like some people who collected comic books way back when. Today those ubiquitous cubes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes—he’s ordering a pyramid and a multi-sided.

On my staycation day I wrote a guest blog, cleaned up some details, and spent much of the day reading a book. Somehow reading is such a luxury that I often put it off for work to be done. But, hey, I’m retired, and I’m my own boss. So I’m going to finish the night reading. Only problem is Jacob confiscated my iPad and I’m reduced to reading on my phone. It’s okay.

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