Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A huge mistake...and a joy

Last night, in one thoughtless keystroke, I overwrote all the back-up of the blog posts I’d made since early January. I’ll blame it partly on Word for updating the program but it was truly my fault. I knew all along I was pushing my luck to keep so many posts in one file, but on the other hand my blog posts, if compiled into one book, would rival War and Peace or Moby Dick. So this will force me to go back and winnow—but not tonight, thank you.

I told Jacob about it when I went to tuck him in (too far past his bedtime) and he said, “Damn, Judy!” I thought it an appropriate response and told him I was tempted to say something stronger but wouldn’t.

Besides, does anyone care about “A year in the life of Judy Alter?”

Today, after getting lots of work done, I’ve been having fun going through recipes. One of my favorite things to do is plan menus for company. Saturday night my oldest daughter and her younger son will be here for a Sunday baseball game at TCU. Christian won’t join us for supper because he’s going to do yard work all day—I suspect he also relishes the time alone and is being sweet and giving me and my two daughters some girl time. Jacob and his cousin are best buddies and will be so delighted to be together.

Back to recipes—I picked out a whole bunch, mostly things I can’t fix for Christian. My choice was a wonderful Italian tuna sandwich with green pesto, but Jordan said she and her sister don’t want all that bread. She chose salmon with anchovy butter and capers. It’s good, but Megan was in Alaska last summer, brought back tons of salmon, and may be ready for a change. I wrote her, hope to hear tonight because tomorrow is grocery day. Friday I have to stay home for delivery of my now-dry and clean couch. Today I had to stay home for delivery of my splurge—a four-drawer wooden file cabinet. We put the old battered two-drawer out at the curb last night and it’s gone—Lewis tells me it’s recyclable and that’s why people pick it up. This staying home for workmen, while far from over, is getting tiresome and a bit wearying. Today they were laying new floor in the sunroom where the original was destroyed by hail.

Wow! Talk about wandering off topic. Anyway that’s my story for the day.


Anonymous said...

"Besides, does anyone care about “A year in the life of Judy Alter?”
Are you kidding?, I come to this page almost daily just to get an insight in to "A day in the life of Judy Alter".

Judy Alter said...

Blushing with gratitude!