Friday, April 15, 2016

A day of waiting

I spent the day at home today—waiting. Waiting for the floor people to finish installing the new wood floor in the sunroom. They were wonderful people to work with, and I scarcely knew they were in the house. Waiting for Socorro to do what she could about cleaning this house which is still stacked with cartons of books—neither Jordan nor I have the heart to tackle them. Waiting for the restoration company to return my couch—which they didn’t, which is probably good. Monday I’ll be waiting on painters. I seriously doubt my house will get back to normal until I’m settled in the cottage—and we don’t even have a building permit for that yet. This makes four trips to City Hall and about six weeks or more. Life is full of waiting.

And worrying. I was afraid the couch would arrive while the sunroom was still full of flooring equipment. I worried that Jacob’s grandparents would block the roofing people into the driveway when they came to pick him up from school. If I’m going to have to do all this waiting, I need to learn to worry less.

A bright note: I have a lovely new file cabinet, four-drawer, oak—a treat to me from me. But now I have to fill it with the files I sorted out of the old metal cabinet. We put it out on the curb and it was gone almost instantly. Lewis explained to me it’s recyclable which is a nice thought. I’d start filling it but the files I want to start with are at the bottom of a pile of boxes in the shower stall in my office. Boxes everywhere in this house.

I wasn’t idle. Lots of work on my desk, and I was busy all day. Excited about Monday’s launch day of The Gilded Cage and yet afraid to check pre-orders. What if there aren’t any?

Looking forward to a quick visit from Megan and her youngest son, Ford. They’re coming for a Sunday baseball game which I’m afraid will be rained out. But we’ll have a good visit, and Jacob and Ford will be delighted to be together.

Just set myself a goal. Unpack two boxes of books tonight. Sweet dreams everyone.


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