Saturday, April 16, 2016

The weekend that wasn't meant to be

The weekend that I had anticipated with so much joy turned out to be a bust. Megan called this morning to say they weren’t coming. The game they wanted to see was rescheduled for three today, which they couldn’t make, and the weather forecast was frightening. She did not want to be on I35 with a nine-year-old in a hail storm. I of course wouldn’t want her to drive in those conditions, and I wasn’t really surprised. We have rescheduled for a weekend in May. But, yes, I was bummed.

Didn’t sleep well last night—scratchy throat, stuffy nose, aching leg, and of course terrible dark thoughts at three a.m. Turns out I didn’t feel much better this morning though I sis two loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher and did sundry other household chores, without much enthusiasm. Jordan said she and Jacob were still coming for supper and we’d cook the salmon I bought for a celebratory feast. I thought I was feeling better until she arrived. I’m sure she wasn’t the trigger, but I began to cough and finally made a mad dash for the bathroom. After that I recovered a bit but thought how good it was Megan and Ford hadn’t come up.

We did not cook the salmon, froze it. I just didn’t feel up to either cooking or eating it, and Jordan plied me with water and gave me buttered rye toast. When I sat down next to Jacob at the table, he ostentatiously moved his plate and drink away and then said, “Well, Juju, you’re sick.”

Jordan and I unpacked and sorted some twenty cartons of books. Some went straight to the trash pile; others, damaged but still readable, will go to schools and women’s shelters. Some I will keep—they’re in good shape, and I’d like to have one copy of every book I’ve written. Jordan says she has a spread sheet. You can’t tell that we made progress, but we really did, and she feels much better about the books. Says we can whip through the remaining 20 boxes in a couple of nights—not so sure about that.

She also is keeping a spread sheet of costs and insurance reimbursements for the hail damage, and lectured me fairly severely for not telling her about the insurance check I deposited today. Nice to be in such capable hands.

Now they gone, leaving me with a glass of water and a diffuser with peppermint for nasal problems and lavender for soothing. Think I’ll read and go to bed early.

No rain yet. The rain blew up a while ago, showering Jacob as he watered porch plants that will be sheltered from the rain, but it seems to have died down again.


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