Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sometimes you just have to laugh

That’s how I feel about politics tonight—at least Republican politics. Ted Cruz, clearly losing, appoints a vice-presidential choice way ahead of time. And not only that, he appoints Carly Fiorina who dropped out of the race because she was so unpopular. I saw a joke FB post today with Cruz saying to her, “And after we lose Indiana, we’ll appoint a cabinet.” Cruz apparently said Hillary is scared to death of Fiorina, and some pundit replied, “The only thing that scares Hillary is that Fiorina will sing to her.” Come on, folks, this is getting silly.

And yet it’s not. Donald Trump’s amazing sweep both amazes and scares me. I simply cannot see him with his hand on the red button to trigger international disaster. That scares me almost as much as Ted Cruz. I was surprised today at John Boehner’s leap into the fray, a leap that probably seals Cruz’s defeat.

It will come as no surprise to many of you that I see Hillary Clinton as the obvious choice for the Democrats and for the presidency. I used to love Bernie, and I still love his idealistic views, but I think they are impractical. And he’s turned from nice guy to bitter. I wish he’d kept to the high road, and I admire Hillary for doing so. Bernie once pledged to support whoever the Democratic candidate is—I hope he honors his pledge and urges the “Feel the Bern” supporters to do the same.

Meantime I had a good day—two grocery stores in one morning about wears me out, or at least wears my back out. Even though Amy, my traveling companion, as she calls herself, carries in all the groceries.

No long nap today—my brother and sister-in-law came to look at Uncle Bob’s white on white weaving. After much discussion, during which Cindy said, “If it weren’t the color of our walls,” and “I really do like this piece,” they decided to try it out. I will call my man who cleans Oriental rugs and ask him to clean it, and then they’ll take it. As John said, “We are not putting Uncle Bob out on the street.” He was dear to all of us, and we treasure his work. Now, then, there’s the painting of a pink chrysanthemum on a green background—any takers?

Uncle Bob was a gay man I met in the 70s through macramé classes (does that date me) who eventually became family, and when I was raising four teenagers alone he was a great help—most of the time. He taught them to drive and to ride horseback and to be polite at all times. Sometimes however, especially on trips, it was like having five teenagers. I remember one trip to Corpus….no, we won’t go there. He died of AIDS in the early ‘90s, a great loss for our family, and we all treasure the pieces of his art we have—except for that darn pink and green painting.

Tonight I had a nice, laughing dinner with my restaurant explorer friend Betty. We went to Fixture where I always love the Day Boat Scallop. I was ready to leave when I saw they’d taken it off the menu, but we’d already ordered wine.  We split a scallop and veggie dish plus a side of truffle mac and cheese. So good. Pleasant night to dine on the patio, though we’re expecting storms after midnight.

Tomorrow a used book dealer comes to look at my library, and in the evening we have my publication party. Rain all day may put a damper on things, but I’m being optimistic.

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