Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Zoo Day

Five and a half hours at the zoo--someone counting heads every minute. Five kids and five adults--good ratio. Picnic lunch on the grass (Lisa packs a good lunch!), a ride on the train, and the unusual sight of lions mating (Jordan kept trying to move the kids on before one asked; Lisa posted a picture on Facebook, but I won't!). The day was long but lots of fun, kids so excited, grandmother so tired:-)
The day went from one highlight to another--they all rushed out to a friend's farm to explode the big gingerbread house--I stayed behind partly because I'd walked enough for the day and partly to wait for an old family friend who was coming by for a drink. But everyone else arrived back happy about what a success the grand explosion was! Picture above was taken before the explosion.
Then dinner, defrosting tamales, heating fresh sauces, making margaritas, visiting. laughing about old times. Jason, our guest, was once Jordan's boyfriend and we were all fond of him--it was really good to see him again, looking older, wiser, and leaner, having taken up running.
Great Christmas holiday with much if not all my family--now home and to routine.

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