Saturday, December 04, 2010

Falling off the wagon

I fell off both the diet and wine wagons yesterday, and I've been analyzing the reasons. One is that I bought some homemade toffee that is so delicious--but so high in Weight Watchers points. Still, it calls to me every time I go through the kitchen. And I keep thinking a half ounce doesn't matter. But those half ounces add up. Then I made some potato salad that I absolutely love. I use the County Line barbecue restaurant (Austin and San Antonio) recipe, with lots of pickle relish. I made this because Jordan requested potato salad and chicken salad for lunch Sunday. I made both yesterday, and if the toffee calls to me, the potato salad literally shouts. It is, I warned Jordan tonight, robust to say the least--I think I overdid the pepper a bit. But those two things, toffee and potato salad, have not helped at all, plus Weight Watchers has changed their point system. You get more points a day, but foods cost you more--I haven't adjusted, and last night I ws ten points over my daily quota. Yep, this morning I was a pound heavier.
My horoscope today said something to the effect that I shouldn't take a initial encounter too seriously and rush into passion. Friendship before love. I think it meant the potato salad.
The wine wagon is a different thing. I've discovered that my wine consumption goes up with the disruption of my schedule. Terrible to be a person who lives by a schedule of meals, but I like something small shortly after I get up, lunch around noon, and dinner around six. Last night, with the autograph extravaganza, I knew it would be after eight before I had supper. So I ate a banana before I went, then snacked on cheese (oh, so many points) and had two glasses of wine--adding up all those points because I really wanted a meal.
So today I resolved to stick to my points in food and my personal wine limit. So far so good, and it's nearly ten o'clock.
Jordan and I went to a party tonight with wonderful, lavish food. I bypassed the sliders and brie sandwiches and ate salmon, chicken, and veggies--delicious and almost no points. This was a party that I always enjoy but rarely go to--because of a staircase. I've known the hostess all her life--she's the daughter of a longtime friend. She and her husband live in an older, lovely home, but the only access is up a fairly long set of steps between the sides of the driveway. Nothing to hold on to. In a couple of other years,  my friend and her husband parked in the driveway next door and we crept across the lawn, but tonight Jordan said we were doing the stairs. And we did--piece of cake. Saw several people I know and was glad to see, ate that good food, had a glass of wine. When we left I had a full escort  down the stairs--Jordan walked in front of me, the husband of another young woman I've known all her life walked beside me and held my hand, and our hostess walked on the other side. I felt a little silly. I would have been fine with just holding on to Chad's hand. And I could have walked on the slanted driveway pavement too. It was fun to go to a bright holiday party.
I came home to wait for Jacob who arrived at nine to spend the night. He stayed up extra late but was giggly and happy and is now talking himself to sleep.

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