Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas cheer and the matter of mysteries

It was a day full of toys and cheers and laughter, and a few tears, a quiet Christmas compared to some our family has but one with its own special charms. Morgan and Kegan didn't wake up too early--in fact, I got up at 7:15, just before their mother finally gave up and wakened them. The morning moved at a slow pace--Santa presents, cook breakfast, finally open presents while breakfast baked. Then most of the day was playing with toys. Above, Colin and Lisa are figuring out the kids toys--transformers are really difficult!--and the kids are in time out for fighting over said toys. But here's a happier picture of everyone playing with Morgan's Zhuzhu Pets--lifelike little hamsters that move along the tracks above.
I spent much of the day reading and working on my manuscript--have just tried to read two mysteries and given up. I usually don't order titles for my Kindle without reading a sample, but this time I did. Both novels were slowed down by way too much backstory--in one I swear I was halfway into the book before there was a dead body, and I still hadn't figured out the characters. In the other, the narrator spent pages recounting the detective couple's early life.A helpful way to learn--by other people's mistakes.
I've enjoyed our quiet Christmas, grateful for the time to know these two grandchildren whom I don't see as often as others, grateful for quiet time with family and books. I hope every one of you enjoyed the day in your own way.

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