Monday, December 27, 2010

Family fun and a bit of work

How we spend our days. The kitchen table has become computer central. We all sit enveloped in our own computer worlds. This morning, for the umpteenth time, I finished revising my mystery. I'm ready to submit it,and I have a small press in mind. I feel much better about it since I revised it yet again--amazing how many extra, unneeded words you can take out. I found I used a lot of "seemed to"--well if someone seemed to think, they could just plain think. Rhetorical questions have to go as do too many meanderings in the mind of Kelly, the main character. I still like this novel a lot and feel optimistic about it. But I was pleased for the past days with leisure enough to revise--and I finished it just in time.

Jordan and Jacob, back from Coppell and family Christmas with the Burtons, arrived in the early afternoon, and the kids have been yelling, screaming, and having a high old time ever since. Megan expected to arrive about 5 but was delayed; at 6:45 she was barely out of Austin, so she'll be a late arrival, with Sawyer and Fordy. I worry of course about her driving at night. But she sends us frequent emails on her progress--some fancy program I don't understand that tracks her progress. The pictures above show the cousins making faces and me sitting watching them on the arm of the couch--Colin says I was trying to look like a teenager, but I think I look more like an old lady who had an extra glass of wine!
Lisa fixed chicken parmigiano tonight, and I fixed a salad. So good. I need the recipe. She dips it in garlic butter and then a mixture of bread crumbs, parmesan, and herbs. Jacob told his Aunt Lisa it was the best chicken ever. Family times are happy times, and I am so blessed.

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