Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas a bit early

The Burtons and I had our Christmas tonight since they'll be in Coppell on Christmas Day. I fixed a casserole of chicken, sour cream and cream of mushroom soup with Ritz cracker/butter crumb topping--so good, though next time I'll add a bit of white wine and I might eventually try blue cheese in it. But hats off to Riley Adams for the recipe that appeared on the blog Mystery Lovers Kitchen some time ago. I'm sure you can still find it. Riley has the very best casserole recipes, and she uses a lot of "buttery" crackers (I always translate that to Ritz) with melted butter. I think her motto must be "Calories be damned!"
We opened presents with great excitement on Jacob's part--he got Star Wars figures and a transformer from me, and the two of us got matching aprons from his folks. Maybe he'll start cooking with me. I gave him some Star WArs pancake molds with a Darth Vader spatula. His Uncle Colin, the king of pancake makers, will have a picnic with those.
After presents we went to look at Christmas lights--Chesapeake Oil and Gas has the most amazing display of lighted trees I've ever seen. Even Jacob was impressed though when we drove through a few neighborhoods he announced he was tired of looking at houses and wanted to go home. Still it was a nice night and a good kickoff for the holiday season. I had all the indoor Christmas lights on--I'm one of those Scrooges without outdoor lights--and a fire in the fireplace.The difference that fire makes in one room is amazing--you walk into the living room and feel enveloped in warmth. I love it.

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