Friday, December 24, 2010

Tracking Santa

The children are excited about tracking Santa--they discovered he's already been to Norway and Africa and several other countries that they picked out on the map. At the top Morgan is standing guard over Santa's tray to keep the dog from getting it.
Colin chose the church for us tonight--a nondenominational one with rock music, many AV screens for streaming, rotating kleig lights, and piped in mist or smoke. The message was a traditional one, and I tried to put my mind in a worshipful frame, telling myself God appreciates differing forms of worship--something I truly believe. But, later, when pressed, I said it was not the way I prefer to worship, having been raised in the Methodist and Prebyterian churches and attending the Christian Church these days. I did find an echo of the Calvinist emphasis on the sinfulness of man's nature. It strikes me as ironic that generally people at non-denominational churches are those disenchanted with traditional Protestantism and yet they're hearing the oldest form of that branch of Christianity. Colin however heard a different message.
We came home to eat chicken and pork tamales from Pappasito's--delicious!

My wish for each of you is a happy holiday. For those who celebrate Christmas, may your day be filled with joyful gratitude, plenty of presents, and lots of love.

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