Sunday, December 19, 2010

My work ethic conscience

My conscience has been bothering me because I started yet another revision of my first mystery, Skeleton in a Dead Space, and then put it down in the rush of the season. Even after cleaning up from Friday's party, I could find other things to do, other books to read, and ignore the manuscript. Tonight I finally got back to it. It's always to my mind a little chancy to put something down and pick it up even days later, let alone weeks (which is what I've done with another novel). I think to write a good novel you have to live in the world of the characters and have them in  your mind all the time. I haven't done that, but then I know Skeleton almost by heart. It was fairly easy to pick up again. Going back to my Blue Plate book will be a different thing. I have of course great plans to work hard over the holidays, which I know I won't do. But after the new year, maybe fresh eyes will be a good thing.
This morning Jacob and I piddled. I was horrified to realize at noon that I hadn't made my bed yet. But we had a good time, and he kept himself busy all morning without TV. He ate three waffles and most of a pbj and was excited when his mom mentioned a taco at 1:30. Child must be in a growth spurt.
Yesterday I ate leftovers--savory thing with strong flavors, so today I really wanted bland. Had a tuna sandwich and hummus for lunch, turkey meatloaf and roasted brussel sprouts for dinner. Tomorrow all the leftovers go out--tomorrow is their latest "use by" date. I'll be glad to clear out the fridge though it seems a shame to throw away good food.

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