Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home again, home again

It's nice to be home. The cat greeted me with indifference until he/she decide on hunger; the dog sniffed at the strange-dog smell on my pants and then dumped his food out to feed the possums--his way of expressing his displeasure that I'd left. But he's happily settled in his bed now. Funny thing--he gets so impatient in the study with me and just wants to go to his bed.
We had an iffy start to the drive from Houston. It went from mist to serious rain and back for about a hundred miles but finally we passed out of rain and eventually into sunny weather. Jordan did a great job of keeping her cool and sense of humor in spite of bad conditions. Jacob napped--never successful in the car--and woke up whiny. We discovered a great place for a late late lunch--the Collin Street Bakery sandwich shop on I-45. Jordan had never heard of the bakery, so I had to explain about its international reputation for fruitcakes, which elicited the response, "I don't approve of fruitcakes." Well, okay. But she did admit that the sandwiches, potato salad, and pound cake were scrumptious And it was the cleanest roadside restaurant I've stopped in for a long time. We'd put it on our list, except it's at least three hours from Houston and we usually get hungry before that. Still, it was a neat roadside fan.
Tonight I've unpacked, taken care of the animals, caught up with my desk, started a wash, and generally gotten back into routine. But the list of chores for tomorrow is long--and doesn't have anything to do with writing!

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