Monday, August 24, 2009

Whew! Busy day

I was busy as could be today, and it wasn't because I was sloughing this off like I had over the weekend. I was genuinely busy--it took me all morning to answer emails, take phone calls, deal with some problems that came up about my cousin in Canada who is unable to handle her own affairs, work out and shower. And then pouf! It was lunch time. Had a nice lunch with Jean and afterwards we went to get our monthly flowers (a gift certificate we give each other). In the afternoon--more emails, more phone calls,--and then it was time to head for Jordan's for a spaghetti supper. So good. My youngest daughter is evolving into a good cook. She may take the sauce out of a bottle, but she's never content with it as it is, always adding this, that, and the other spice. Jacob was in an extraordinarily happy and playful mood for the end of a school day and eventually began his non-stop talking, though at one point he pushed his mom too far and went to time out for jumping on furniture.He's nothing if not clever--the way he deals with time out is no longer tears. He just calls out, "I have to pee pee." Home again to more emails.
Much of my busy-ness has dealt with the death of Elmer Kelton--friends wanting to talk, newspapers wanting comments (because I was his reprint publisher and counted myself a friend). I hate to tell each of them the same thing, so I've been trying hard to come up with a new comment each time. But the bottom line is he was the most modest, kind and gentle soul I ever met; he defined the word gentleman, in the best cowboy sense. And he was one heck of a storyteller. Tonight I need to start on a piece for the Western Writers of America magazine. I don't think my mind has yet grasped the idea of Texas without Elmer Kelton. So forgive me if I rush off.

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