Thursday, August 06, 2009

PIcky eaters and good food

Yesterday at staff meeting the subject of picky eaters came up--yes, we do digress a bit, though now that June joins us, she really tries to keep us on track. But I had found directions for scooping seeds out of half a melon--cantaloupe or honeydew--and filling the half with a mixture of Jell-O and hot water (not the usual proportions), applesauce, and chopped fruit. Let it jell in the fridge and then slice. I thought grandkids would love it, and Melinda said she'd do it for her grandson but she "didn't do" Jell-O. Susan chimed in with a comment that neither did she because after all it came from horses' hooves. I accused them of being picky, and Melinda countered with "I"ll eat any hot pepper you give me," which she knows full well that I won't. Then somehow Susan had stapled a dip recipe to a letter that she handed June--the recipe sounded really good: corn, black beans, picante sauce, onion, green pepper, and I forget what else. I said of course I'd cut out the bell pepper and there were cries of picky eater. Then they began to recount all the weird things I will eat--tongue sandwiches (I grew up eating corned beef tongue), chopped liver, marinated herring, and I don't know what else. (Christian once said to me, "Juju, you do eat a lot of weird things!). We went to a luncheon yesterday and I was sitting next to our intern, so I whispered to her not to let them see me picking the bell pepper out of my corn and tomato salad--they'd fuss!

But today I had a wonderful tongue sandwich, okay only a half--it's high in points--when my friend Dick Hoban and I lunched at Carshon's, and he, as always, ordered smoked trout. And tonight Betty and I went to Winslow's Wine Cafe where we had a crab cake each with blue cheese remolaude--absolutely delicious. But we had to perch at a bar table on high stools, and Betty's knee was really hurting, so we didn't linger over more wine. On Weight Watchers, I find I'm a bit hungry a lot of the time--and even so I went over my points today, but not badly.

I thought I was through editing chapters of the cookbook except for one, but discovered to my dismay today that there were two more chapters that I hadn't edited (plus the one I have to write part of) so I've spent the day editing. This morning, I was a bit lackadaisical about it--when I talked to Katie, who edited the original copy but refused to edit recipes, claiming I knew more aout it, I said that truthfully I was watching Michael Chiarello cook--he's one of my favorites. But this afternoon and evening I've gotten very busy about it and got one more chapter sent out to the author. Sometimes I feel like this project will never end. But then I enjoy it.

Now, I'm going to quit and read. Have to go to the office tomorrow but will make a grocery run first and that's my outing for the day. Jordan, Christian, and Jacob come home tomorrow and, as always, I'll be glad to have all my chickens where they belong.

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