Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A good retirement day

Sometimes I feel like this blog deteriorates into "and then I did this and then I did that," but that's exactly what's on my mind today. Today was the kind of day retirement should be. I had resolved to go to an 8 am. meeting of the Breakfast Ladies--a once a month gathering of ladies whose lives have revolved around books. I woke up at 6:45, looked at the clock, and decided I had time to linger. The next time I looked at the clock, it was 7:42--and you have never seen anybody move so fast. But stiill, hair washed, makeup in place, cat and dog fed and taken care of, I was there at 8:10-the restaurant is about a block from my house. Found one lonely member eating her breakfast. So I sat and visited with her and had my lean breakfast--one egg over easy and wheat toast with a bit of butter to sop up the egg.

Came home and actually did some work on the cookbook chapter that had me boggled. I have a handle on it now, and it made me feel good to be writing. Also called and handled some business about my retirement accounts--I hate dealing with that stuff!

At 11:30, I picked Charles up and we went to Lucille's Bistro where we split a Greek salad. He had said he had a lot to tell me, and mostly it was that he had just been to a fitness camp at the Prude Ranch in the Davis Mountains (remember that he's 91 years old) and he'd done yoga, which he never thought he could do. He was surprised at how inflexible he was but is very enthusiastic about learning more. I am going to try to hook him up with Elizabeth, my longtime friend and now yoga instructor. Then we went to Central Market so I could buy steak and baked potatoes for Christian's b'day dinner tomorrow night. Charles never shops there but he allowed as how if he could follow me around he might get comfortable in the store. So I'll start to take him on my regular Saturday morning runs.

Came home, worked, napped and then Jacob arrived to spend the evening, but not the night, even though he began insisting he wanted his jammies at 6:15. When I explained he wasn't spending the night, he protested that he wanted to. We had a pleasant evening, though he insisted on shedding his clothes--in preparation for jammies--and didn't eat much dinner but then said he wanted ice cream. I held firm--eat your dinner and then you can have ice cream. So he ate most of a pbj sandwich (okay I ate all his blueberries but two or three). I gave him strawberry ice cream which he loved and spilled all over the table, to his great amusement. Later when he said he wanted his froggie--which was lying on the flooor right be the day bed where he was lying--I told him to get down and get it. And he did. I ain't a soft-touch grandma.

So now the house is quiet. Scooby, Wywy and I have it to ourselves. I'm studing recipes to figure what I want to cook for guests Sunday night, and I'll read the blogs I regularly follow, and then do a little reading--part fun, part work. A truly satisfying day.

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