Thursday, August 13, 2009

Diet report (for whoever's interested in that!)

All week since Monday, I've managed to stay under my allotted Weight Watchers points, yet today I had delicious meals. The gang at work usually goees to SucoThai with Jim Lee on Thursdays and since I'm not fond of Thai food I don't go. But today they went to Tokyo Cafe (one of my favorites). Good conversation, and I had the house salad--a plum vinaigrette that I love, though I would usually tell you I don't like sweet dressings, and two servings of salmon sashimi. Delicious.

Tonight Betty and I went to Sapristi's. It's always chancy when we go because we like to split the tapas platter--it changes weekly or daily--and sometimes we're not crazy about what's on it. But tonight there was marinated lamb something, bacon-wrapped dates, smoked salmon with capers on toasted baguettes, prosciutto-wrapped melon, and marinated manchego cheese. The beauty of all this is that when I came in and entered it on Weight Watchers, the amounts were so small they didn't count for much if anything at all. Now I think I"ll go get some blueberries--they're point free. I laughed yesterday when Charles went with me to Central Market. I bought raspberries, and as he got out of the car he asked, "What to you do with your raspberries?" I said, "Wash 'em and eat 'em." I love summer fruit but particularly those two.

Grocery store this morning and then some piddling but now I have corrected chapters on the cookbook from the contributors so I have work to do. And, sigh, tomorrow I have to be at the office at eight for staff meeting. Oh, well, it's only one day a week.

PS. I understand from a good friend that yesterday I posted about such elegant dishes as Hot Crap Dip--of course, I meant Crab Dip.

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