Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another cooking day

I decided this morning, even though I slept until 8:15, that retirement is hard work. After the paper--which doesn't take long to read these days--I did two loads of laundry, one bed linens which meant I had to remake the bed from scratch (a chore I always hate because it's so hard to fit that bottom sheet on the corners) and one of kitchen linens, which means lots of spot checking before washing. Then I emptied the dishwaher, cooked supper, set the table and took a shower. I was ready to sit at my desk.
Dinner for tonight had to be all ready in the fridge becaue Elizabeth was coming for a yoga lesson at five, and Weldon was joining us for dinner at six. So I fixed Tuscan tuna salad--calls for making pesto, but I have two bags of it in the freezer, in ice cube shapes, so I used that. Also had canellini beans, Belgian endive, and capers. That part was pretty easy. The tomato soup was not. I boiled, peeled, and seeded seven tomatoes--skinned tomatoes are hard to hold on to long enough to core and seed. Then I blended them with fresh basil, lemon juice, and salt. Served topped with kernels of corn--yes I had to boil and strip the ear of corn--sour cream and basil leaves for garnish. I went a bit overboard on the basil in the soup, but it was good. Served it all with fruit salad, and then Elizabeth brought chocolate/banana bread--my goodness, that was good. Way overboard on points tonight.
But it was a good supper and delightful company. We talked about reading and the proposed health plan and all kinds of things. I love these two people and feel like I've watched them grow up. As for the yoga lesson, Elizabeth said I'm doing great--8 on a scale of 10--but I have to slow down. Story of my life.
I decided I haven't read a good mystery in a while and ordered four from Amazon for my kindle. I'm probably going to visit my brother and his wife for two nights at the end of the week, so need reading material (not that they're boring company, but it will be a delightfully lazy two days).
Yawn. Have to be at the office at 8:30, will probably stay all morning until my 11:30 lunch appt.

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