Sunday, August 09, 2009

Another food day

My day today was pretty much the Julie and Julia movie, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I went with neighbors Sue and Cathy to an 11 a.m. showing--perfect. Theater mostly empty. I even wore my hearing aids so I wouldn't miss the dialogue and I got it all, though the previews of violent movies threatened to overhwhelm my augmented hearing. But the movie itself was an absolute delight--fun, funny, and interesting. I had wondered how they would weave the two stories together, but the transitions were seamless. There are basically two stories: Julia learning French cooking and then writing a book, and Julie cooking all of the recipes in one year. The transformation in both women's lives is spectacular. I'm not much of a moviegoer--the previews today convinced me I'm right about that--but I truly enjoyed this one a lot and recommend it to anyone.
So I had a lazy day--spent the morning reading the paper and doing a few chores before the movie, ate lunch and napped after, and have been piddling at my desk ever since. Tomorrow, back to the cookbook. My thought are all still on food, though I wasn't too creative with my meals today--for lunch, braseola dressed with lemon and olive oil, hearts of palm, and tomato; for supper, half of a chopped sirloin patty, cold, with steamed spinach. Even so I went over my point for the week (I snuck in a bit of chocolate), but only by half a point. Tomorrow I weigh. With my new budget, I may have to drop Weight Watchers--I had heard if you reach your goal you're a lifetime member for free, but when I investigated that's only for people who go to meetings, not those like me who do it online. Drat!

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