Friday, August 07, 2009

More thoughts on retirement--and cooking magazines

This morning I went in to the office a little early for a ten o'clock meeting I'd scheduled. I miscalculated how long a grocery run would take me and ended up there at 8:45, only to find the staff, including the interim director, in conference, which I was invited to join. Soon as I did, a lot of work landed in my lap, so I did it--in a rush, which always turns out badly. Then the 10 o'clock meeting lasted until 11:30 and it was 11:45 before I got out of the office. I felt like I was working again.

I came home, put the groceries away--none perishable except the tuna salad that I took in to the office fridge--and had lunch, fully intending to work on the cookbook chapters that are still staring at me. But the mail brought new copies of Bon Appetit and Food and Wine. They were definitely calling my name. Still it was 2:30 before I finished with emails, paying some bills, filling out a time sheet, and a form from my health insurance company. I flipped through Bon Appetit--that's my pattern: I flip through it and then go back and study it thoroughly. After a nap and dinner--I sauteed fresh zucchini and summer squash from the John and Cindy's vegetable garden--I lingered over Food & Wine. My neighbor Jay says he gets all his recipes from there, but I had always thought it a bit esoteric for me. Tonght I found over a dozen recipes I want to try, so I'm rethinking letting my subscription lapse. In one article about urban farming, a woman wrote about pulling snails off her tender young vegetable shoots only to remember the escargot she'd recently eaten in France. Research showed her they're the same critter, but I can't fancy eating the snails I pull off plants. Besides I never did like escargot as well as just sopping the bread in the juice they came in. It's not something I would order in a restaurant today, in spite of those who think I eat weird things. (Melinda read yesterday's blog and vowed to keep her mouth shut after this!)

So maybe that's retirement. I can read when I want--and I may not touch that blasted cookbook all evening. After all I've got a long weekend to look at it. And as for that google webinar staring me in the face--well, maybe next week.

Jordan just called. They are back from four days in Jamaica. I am always relieved when all my chickens are in place where they belong, but I am delighted that they all, including Jacob, had a great time. Jacob at three is not an adventuresome soul but he apparently had lots of fun and handled the airplane trip--3-1/2 hours direct--very well.

A couple of friends have told me the link to the video of me and tuna salad didn't work well, so if you want to watch it you might just go to You-Tube and search for my name. Jeannie wrote me, "A Star is born!" after watching it, but I think she exaggerates. I still think I look like a frumpy old housewife. Elizabeth posted a link on Facebook (wish I knew how to do those things) and when I thanked her she said I didn't look frumpy, I looked like a woman who knows how to cook.

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