Wednesday, August 19, 2009

computer woes

My computer worked fine all day until about5:30 when the wireless keyboard didn't react; changed batteries, hit the connect buttons, and it worked fine. But the cursor had disappeared, so I did the same with the wireless mouse. It worked fine, but then the keyboard wouldn't. I never could get both of them working at once. Finally gave up, disconnected everything, and began working directly on the laptop which powers all the others. I have an emergency email out to Brandon, my computer guru son-in-law, but I think it may be time for new wireless equipment. Meantime, this will be a short blog because I have a hard time with the keyboard on a laptop. I so much live with and by my computer that I'm pretty helpless--and very frustrated--when it doesn't work perfectly.
Today I almost felt retired. Had a morning meeting with the author of our lead title about publicity but he came to the house, which was convenient. I wrote up my notes about the meeting, did a few office emails, and decided I could devote the afternoon to finishing the mystery I was reading. Such fun.
Instead of going out this week, I invited Betty here for dinner. Fixed chicken salad with a green goddess dressing--to my memory that recipe calls for anchovies, mayonnaise, avocado, and I don't know what else. I can see the recipe clearly in my mind--it was out of a newspaper and my mother sent it to me long ago (that's often the thing about me and recipes that I'm looking for--I can visualize what they look like, what kind of paper they are on, even the picture if there is one). But I couldn't find it. The recipe I did find in my appalling collection made no mention of avocado, so I served the chicken salad in an avocado half for each of us, accompanied by green salad and fruit salad. It was tasty, though by the last few bites of chicken salad I'd had enough anchovy--and I usually love the stuff. And with wine the meal pushed me over my daily points.
So here I am, overfed and mad about my computer and ready for a break.

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