Friday, August 28, 2009

A decadent day

Jeannie and I had lunch at the Swiss Pastry Shop today--our standard lunch there is one bratwurst, kraut, and potato salad. I said, "Okay, the question is, are we having Black Forest Cake (their specialty) or not, and she responded, "We are." I do NOT want to talk about what that did for my Weight Watchers Points, but it was sure good. Actually, I felt pitiful and entitled to a splurge. After eight hours in the car yesterday, my back gave me fits during the night last night and when I first got up. After I moved around a bit, it was okay--but there are still sore spots today. I'm beginning to rethink that drive to Colorado at Christmas.

Other than that, it's been a day of catching up on small details that have been cluttering my desk--acquisitions work for the office, emails to answer, and so on--I actually got a lot done, in addition to a grocery run, a long nap, and 40 minutes of yoga.

I'm still fascinated by the Teddy Kennedy coverage on TV--sorry about the anonymous writer who left a comment. I don't think the Koepechne family would agree with my assessment of Kennedy's life either and leaving the scene of an accident cannot easily be dismissed as youthful indiscretion--yet I still think he grew into his shoes and did devote his life to public service as well as to raising his nieces and nephews. I admire him.

Now I think I'm ready to start a new novel. I just finished Carolyn Hart's Dare to Die and enjoyed it a lot as I do all of Hart's work. When I think about the Death on Demand bookstore series, I think what a bold move it was on Hart's part to name the major characters Max and Annie Darling. Come now, did you ever meet anyone whose last name was Darling? And yet it works so perfectly in that series. I'm a fan.

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