Monday, August 03, 2009

A neat day

Yesterday I began to think maybe the glow was wearing off retirement. I spent the whole day at home, without much if any human contact, and though I kept busy I don't like days like that. And my lunch dates are slowing down (I'll just have to get busy about that). But today was a good day, one in which I felt very self-confident about my walking and everything else. Slept medium late, got up and went to the office for just over an hour; came home and piddled with emails, etc., and then went to lunch with my friend, Fred. I had cajoled him into coming early so we could go to Nonna Tata (where I could have braseola) but then I realized it's closed on Mondays. So I said I'd take him to a new place--Ellerbees. Wonder of wonders, we got one of the two in-front parking spaces and walked in--only to discover an empty restaurant with tables from the patio stacked on tables inside and a strong smell of paint. We ended at Carshon's, where I had my usual tongue sandwich and enjoyed it thoroughly. Came home to finish The Diva Takes the Cake--really a surprise ending, take a nap, do my yoga, and fix a good dinner--chicken loaf from the freezer, haricot vert that I had to sort carefully because I'd left them in the fridge too long, and the last of the pea salad I made last night. Good, but I was two points over my daily limit. Still, this morning I had lost .8 lbs. so I'm feeling good about that.
Tonight I must do some more contract work for TCU Press and then want to work on the piece about forty years a Texan that I've drafted. I've got to begin drumming up more free lance work lest the days of retirement yawn long before me.
Jordan, Christian and Jacob leave for four days in Jamaica tomorrow--I hope Jacob proves to be a good traveler. Even at my house, he often says, "Let's go home" so who knows how it will go that far away. But they are excited, and I hope they have a fantastic trip. As always, I'll breathe a tiny sigh of relief when they're home Friday night.
Hmmm--what book shal I start next? Tomorrow I really have to get back to that cookbook, but tonight I can indulge. Isn't that what retirement is all about?

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