Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cold weather, a writing story, and thanks

When North Texas turns cold, it can be really bitter. Today the predicted high was something like 63, but that was early in the morning. By 9:30, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped, and by 4:00 p.m. I hated to go outside to take care of the dog and take my garbage carts to the street. Tonight I'm glad to be cozily inside. Tomorrow's high is to be 46, and I'm debating what the warmest clothes I own are. Today it was the wind that did us in and made it feel twice as cold as it actually was, and tomorrow is to be the same way. But 70 by Sunday. North Texas is also unpredictable.
This was meant to be a blog about writing, cooking, and grandchildren. Well, I've kept up with the third subject, but I often feel like it's degenerated into a daily journal. Want to know what I did today? Spent from 8-9:30 in the dentist chair getting a new crown (he said I now have my own 401K in my moth), rushed into work like a mad woman trying to get everything done before an 11:15 lunch/business appt. Did have a great lunch at a small Italian restaurant that serves country food from the north of Italy--and we did get some business done. Then I had to go back to the office because I hadn't nearly accomplished everything.
But I do have a writing story to tell. I have favorite blogs that I check almost daily--some of them are pretty thought-provoking and some are pretty surface. But there came a notice that a young agent was sponsoring a contest--send him the first paragraph of a work-in-progress and if you win, he'd critique your query letter or do some other wonderful thing for you. I thought why not (the same agent had rejected my first mystery, though he did request three chapters before rejecting) and sent the opening paragraph of the second one. You were asked for your e-mail, presumably so you could be notified if you won. Not so--I've gotten every submission sent to him (at last count 765). Last night, not realizing the deluge to come, I read most of them--maybe 30. This morning my email had 98 new entries, and I've since spent the day deleting. Last time I try something like that, though I am curious about what he will finally choose. Some of the ones I read were pretty good, but a lot were inane. Maybe I don't want to be a mystery writer, in competition with all those 765 plus wannabees who are out there. No wonder it's hard to place a novel.
A couple of new people--Jeannie and Susan--have posted that they've recently fund my blog and are enjoying it, so to them I say thanks and welcome. It's always frustrating not to know who they are and not to be able to answer their comments. And I had a wonderful email today from my former physician who said he was enjoying my blog--and made some flattering observations about me from reading it. You're right, Steve, I am a very lucky person.

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