Monday, June 16, 2014

Weird day

A weird day in which I accomplished almost nothing. Jacob has started private swim lessons--by the time I get him from the summer program he attends, get to the pool, wait half an hour (where could I go in that time?), and return him to Clayton Yes! it takes a little over an hour right out of the middle of my morning, including my usual yoga time. This morning I took my iPad, intending to read in the car, which turned out not to be comfortable. So I sat at a table under some wonderful big trees--shady with a nice breeze. But the trees reflect in the iPad and make reading difficult--whine, whine, whine. I did listen to the instructor's talk with Jacob and heard splashes that indicated he was going off the diving board. At the end of his lesson, he demonstrated--he sits on the end of the board and she gives him a gentle shove--but he goes like a trooper. On the way back he asked why he couldn't just come home with me, and I explained his mom wants him to go to the Clayton Yes program. At my house, he'd just sit and watch TV. Tomorrow he'll do that because the Clayton Yes folks are going swimming at 12:15.
I'm loving my free afternoons, though I do miss him. But late, long naps are great, and I do get some work done after lunch--today it was neighborhood newsletter stuff, but I got a start on the July issue. Slept hard and found myself wandering around the grocery at 5:30, still a bit dazed. I never go to the grocery at 5:30--I watch the news. But I was obsessed with getting the ingredients for the potato salad I have to make for the multitudes Friday night for Jacob's birthday. Now I'm obsessed to get a brass stand from the shop where they polished it--think I can do that before I get Jacob tomorrow if I get up early enough. Wish I'd stop setting these deadlines for myself but I hate loose end! Being compulsive is not always easy; neither is breaking your established routine.
I'll probably adjust to this swimming schedule eventually...and then the week of lessons will be over. Oh me oh my.

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