Saturday, June 07, 2014

The week in retrospect

It occurs to me that I haven't blogged much this week, partly because I didn't think I have much to say. I've been riveted by the controversy over the release of the POW from Afghanistan but don't want to get into that here, though I've entered the fray on Facebook. Most of you can guess my opinion anyway. I'm avoiding downtown Fort Worth like the plague this weekend--not because of the Republican convention but because of all those open-carry people parading around with their assault weapons. I'll be surprised if the weekend goes by without an accidental shooting. And I'm sure the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves at this interpretation of a "well-disciplined militia." I am getting a bit of amusement out of the Republican platform--they abhor critical thinking (how are we ever going to progress?) and they voted for a conversion program for gays. Now that surely will win over the Log Cabin Republicans. Remind me again that I love living in Texas, and I just have to put up with the crazies.
But although I think it's been a quiet life in my own personal world, it really hasn't been. I'm as ready as the kids and other parents and grandparents for school to be out. Three is a bad combination, and yesterday I had three little boys. One went home and the other two quickly got into a fight. Monday is the last day and I was so looking forward to being able to nap on my own schedule...but I have to pick Jacob up at three, not handily across the street but about a mile away where he is going to TCU Baseball Camp--and very excited. The next week, it's swimming lessons from 10:45 to 11:15. Then after that maybe quiet for a while.
Meantime I really did finish a manuscript and turn it over to my beta reader, Fred. Saw him at the grocery store this morning but knew it was to soon for a comment--didn't expect him to rush home and read immediately. And I successfully posted my October self-published, stand-alone novel to Amazon which, to me, is a big, huge, out-of-my-realm accomplishment. Many thanks to Melinda Esco who did the cover mechanical for me. Now I'm waiting for proof copies, some of which I will send out as Advance Review Copies. Next chore: start my own editing of the untitled Kelly O'Connell manuscript I gave to Fred on Friday. And read a book I promised to review.
I don't like spending a whole day, from morning to bedtime, alone without company--one thing I'll miss with Jacob's summer schedule. But yesterday, his parents both came, at scattered times, for happy hour. Today I went to the grocery, and friends are coming by for a glass of wine on their way to dinner. I'll make a feta guacamole for them. My horoscope said I could expect a romantic interlude tonight, so I guess having these lovebirds (they're a fairly new couple) in my house fulfills that expectation. Am wondering if I should dress for the occasion. After they leave, I'm fixing myself seared scallops and a leek--I've never cooked a leek before, so this is a big experiment.
Tomorrow, I'll meet Jacob and family at church (we haven't darkened the door often enough lately) and then we'll have poor boy sandwiches for lunch--I discovered that Jacob loves them.
Meantime, there are plants to water, laundry to do, garbage to take out--how can I be bored over a long weekend?

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