Thursday, June 19, 2014

One good deed begets another

Jacob has a new hero...and it all falls under the heading of paying it forward. Christian found a wallet in the Walmart parking lot last Saturday and rather than leave it for some less honest person he brought it home and called the owner, who turned out to be TCU football player Ju'juan Story. They met to return the wallet Monday afternoon, and Christian arranged to take Jacob with him. Ju'juan brought him an autographed TCU hat and his gloves from last year plus said he might come to Jacob's pool party Saturday--Jacob realizes that is a long shot, but I can tell he's still hoping.
And then his aunt and uncle presented with an NFL autograph football signed by one of the Dallas Cowboys. I do NOT want him to play football, but he is so excited about all this.
Earlier, he went to TCU Baseball camp and loved every minute, said he was liking TCU better all the time. Watch out Baylor, I some divided loyalties at the least, an outright switch as a possibility.
This has been a Jacob-centric week, since I've taken him to a
private swim lesson each morning from ten-thirty to eleven. Hope I'm not repeating myself, but the first day he sat on the end of the diving board, told the instructor which way he was going. She gave him a gentle shove, and he swam to the edge. The very next day he stood on the end of the dividing board, went in (okay it was a belly flop and he said it hurt) and swam the length of the pool. I was astounded. Today he learned the breast stroke which she says is hard to master (I do it on a yoga mat!) He' made progress and had a wonderful week.
I've found the swim lessons took a chunk out of my day but enjoyed sitting under the trees reading, and I've had Jacob for company Tuesday afternoon and all day today. Tuesday, just after his swimming, the summer program at school was going on a swim field trip. Today they went to the zoo all day--he hasn't mentioned missing the zoo, so I guess it's okay.
Things can only get better. Tomorrow his eighth birthday. He's already close to wheedling me out of his present tonight.

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