Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Moving On Up

My oldest son and his wife just moved their family into a new/old house northwest of Houston, with 2.5 acres, a stock tank, a riding arena, and a two-stall barn. No, they don't have horses (yet)--the children are a little young at seven and nine. But they love the quiet, the peace, the view. Their seven-year-old snapped this picture of them because they look so happy, and I agree--they never looked happier. I am so delighted for them.
Lisa told Morgan, nine, she needed cowgirl boots, and she retorted, "Out here I can go barefoot."
I am proud that they've been able to provide this for themselves and the children. Can't wait to visit. Jacob says he's moving down there, but I said, no, I was. Then he said, "Me and Juju, we're moving in with Uncle Colin. Actually do hope to visit soon. Lisa posted a picture of where she had her morning coffee Sunday--looking out over the stock tank which looks like a small lake. It reminded me of the view from the porch where we visited dear friends when the children were little. This is a view she sent today. These kids have moved around a lot--from two places in the Caribbean to several homes in the Houston area and one in Colorado. I predict they've found their forever home.
Meanwhile back on the home front, Jacob went to his first day of baseball camp at TCU today, hit a ball over the fence, and enthusiastically described the entire day as a success. He met the TCU player who hit the winning run in last night's close game--but didn't ask for an autograph. I suspect he'll build up to that during the week. Tonight was neighbors' night at the Old Neighborhood Grill, with seven adults and Jacob who manages to dominate the conversation. I do have to say the adults egg him on. But we all had a jolly time with wide-ranging discussions.
Life is good.

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