Sunday, June 29, 2014

A little bit of heaven on earth

Notice the dog lying in the middle of their picnic.
I've just spent a good part of my weekend sitting by a small--really small--lake, watching three of my grandchildren swim, fish, catch tadpoles and generally enjoy life in the country. My oldest son and his wife, Colin and Lisa, have bought a house with character and interest, set amongst wonderful landscaping someone did at no spared expense years ago, and on a small lake--too big to be a stock tank, but a really small lake. Colin says it's not six acres, so I'm guessing it's four. Their property takes in about a quarter of the shoreline. We visited, we ate, we read, we had happy hour--all by the lake, usually with a wonderful breeze. Fun to watch cousins having such a good time together. Morgan, at nine, is the real outdoor girl...loves the bugs and frogs (good at catching baby frogs but lets them go), good at swimming, loves living in the country. Kegan, just turned seven is not quite as much into it but he swims and was quite serious about his fishing.
Jacob woke up every morning feeling like a new adventure waited for him. In the picture above, they're trying to "water catch" fish as Jacob said. When his uncle told him about noodling, he said, "I'm never doing that in my whole lifetime" (for the uninitiated, you stick an arm in the water, a catfish bites, taking  your whole hand in its mouth, and you catch it by pulling your arm out of the water, catfish attached (Colin, have we fallen for a tall tale here?)
The property has lots of banana tress, a few palms, an apple, pear, fig, and peach tree, crepe myrtle, hedges galore, flagstone walkways that lead to concrete circles around trees, a riding arena, and a two-stall barn. Next door is a commercial stable so if the kids ever want riding lessons, they're in a perfect place. (The only drawback to that is that the flies are really bad!) There are at least three patio areas by the lake, one covered with a wonderful arbor overgrown with old wisteria. Plus a covered patio up by the house and a screened-in porch. I said if it were me I'd be sleeping on the porch--but it is pretty humid down there even at night. And great but short shower-storms came through sporadically Saturday.
The house, built in 1950 and since upgraded and added onto, is really interesting--a huge room that will become office/TV room/workout room; a smallish kitchen area--storage adjustments are going to be called for, a huge room open to the kitchen which will be living area, and three bedrooms. Cedar paneling in the kitchen, gleaming hardwood floors throughout. A house with many possibilities that they've only begun to explore.
As Lisa says, this is where they'll grow old together. I added that the kids will think of their young years as spent in the country, suburban memories fading fast. A wonderful place for all of them, and I'm so happy about it. So pleased for them. It's a great place to visit too--if I could only figure out how to get their big sweet dog not to snarl at my lively, in-your-face small dog!

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